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Comment on: iPhone and tutmanik

Posted in moia on Jul 26, 2008... modified on Jul 26, 2008

 in response to Emil...   

yes, I was just able to edit the text ... but, nothing could be deleted until I added some gibberish (text) near the bottom, only after that I was able to delete the characters from the original text.
here is the post in question:

The text is unchanged so you could catch whatever sequence of characters is causing this problem.  I tried editing the text a few times and was able to repeat the behavior.


Why does the order of messages, on the front page, change when someone edits an old message.  I guess 90% of the time people edit old messages to correct errors (spelling or format, etc.) without adding any new content.  Anyway, it seems a bit unnatural to have a message pop at the top of the front page (as if it was brand new) simply because someone added a 'comma'. :-)
(Perhaps there is an option to disable this behavior and I just don't know where it is.)



I just had exactly the same problem with this message ... I couldn't delete until adding something.  Try it.

Comment on: iPhone and tutmanik

Posted in moia on Jul 26, 2008... modified on Jul 26, 2008

 in response to Emil...   

On the iPhone I was using Safari.

On my main computer I use Firefox 90% of the time.  The problem from just a day ago -- I wanted to redact (edit) a message that I just posted to the site. The redaction was to delete one letter and replace another ... i was simply not able to delete or add any new text to the original message.  I was not in a hurry and in fact tried the operation a few times .. even restarted Firefox. :-)


iPhone and tutmanik

Posted in moia on Jul 26, 2008

The new (and the old) iPhones don't work with tutmanik.
Considering that 'tutmanik' is a showcase and a testbed for a technology used in other places, then it might be of some interest that the iPhone doesn't work.

The main problem (as far as my testing went) is that the default edit applet for the text messages is absolutely useless, since the iPhone doesn't recognize *it* (the applet) as a text editing entity and consequently doesn't show the virtual keyboard.  Now, this is an iPhone problem (of sorts) and not tutmanik, but in my opinion the edit applet here is suboptimal and should be replaced by a regular text edit box with support for 'markdown' (I'm sure the developers know what this term is, or can find out).  While the current applet offers some nice features, such as "insert picture", "make a URL link", change font size, color, etc. ... it lacks in ease of use and it has too many bugs (there are still cases where a message _can not_ be edited after it has been posted since the applet has gone bonkers).  The current applet also doesn't support basic 'spell checking' for example, which is more important than the "insert picture" option.  If a widget (applet) must support the "text edit" usage model then editing text must be the primary and only focus ... in my opinion!

When I travel, I could send pictures and make posts on the iPhone if tutmanik allows me to do so. ;-)

the iPhone is absolutely astonishing piece of equipment.


Comment on: Pozdrav ot lulin (zapadna sofia)

Posted in Nikky on Jul 24, 2008... modified on Jul 24, 2008

 in response to Nikky...   

Здравейте Николай.

1) "kak gledat na nas v shatite" Никак не гледат на вас (нас) в Щтатите.  Тук хората ги унтересува ти кой си и какво можеш, това че си Българин няма никакво значение.

2) "dali kato doide shte moga da si namerq burzo rabota" това зависи от теб.

3) "kvi sa zaplatite" отново, зависи от теб.

4) "smetkte hranata kolko e gore dolu" виж №2 и №3

5) "na me oriantirate ako moje de blagodaria predvaritelno" добре, ето ти малко ориентациа: First of all make sure you know what makes you happy, what kind of job would make you feel excited in the morning and fulfilled at night. Concentrate on your dreams and learn to work (hard work) until you succeed.  Considering the quality of your writing, here, and juxtaposing this against the expressed desire to change your country of origin and life style I would suggest that you still have a lot to learn. :-)  But, to be honest, none of the things I wrote above are of uttermost importance, albeit they are important, what does matter is if you have managed to read the message up until here, if you have the dedication to deal with rather difficult to comprehend situations, such as this text, then you might have the chance of surviving the "alien" world that the USA will be for you when you first arrive.  Yes, one final suggestion, learn the english language ... learn it well, because the chances for success in the USA are directly related to your command of the language.  I hope this helps you.

Comment on: ЕП подкрепи репресивен интернет план

Posted in pencho22 on Jul 23, 2008

 in response to pencho22...   

Yes, 'money' is not everything and in this case I'm not talking about money, but about law.  What is _legal_ and what is _illegal_ sets the stage for the Sheriffs to step in and do their job.  

The conversation would be more interesting, IMO, and would be easier to follow if we stick to the main topics. :-)

Comment on: ЕП подкрепи репресивен интернет план

Posted in pencho22 on Jul 20, 2008... modified on Jul 20, 2008

 in response to pencho22...   

You have the story slightly wrong, I'm afraid:

The people with the help of the sheriffs and the judges managed to create a wonderful world, with nice roads and nice fast cars, with doctors and entertainment.  This became desirable to many who lived outside it and they (many of them) wanted to get involved - get in and drive on the big roads with nice cars.  This world was created because there were laws and sheriffs, but those _new fellows_ (that came from the outside) had no concept of the laws and were inclined to think that they were owed the freedom to take what is not theirs to have.  So the hard working people who create(ed) most of the WWW roads and all of its infrastructure said "Wait. We didn't create all these roads to facilitate thieves getting away from the robbery faster."  and the sheriffs started working on solutions of how to catch the criminals and the legislature commenced creating (or clarifying) the laws ... but the new fellows continued to feel free to download software, music, video that was not theirs to have.  If this is the only desire of the new folks then it should obviously be curtailed.  The sheriffs, as you might have noticed, will not do anything to those who don't steal, but after being caught three times a thief should have his day in court, what do you say?

Of course there are many who want to succeed and are willing to create and those people, regardless of where they come from, should be protected by the law and by the sheriffs from the angry mob that promotes its social status, being poor, to the sole justification of its actions (to steal).

I would much rather not live in society where this is the norm, and thankfully there isn't much danger since societies where "irresponsible and lawless" people live aren't successful and are easily destroyed or subjugated.  :-)

in order to avoid misunderstanding I would like to ask a few questions.

According to you, is it legal to:
1) Download music from the internet, for free, against the explicit desire of the creators of the music to be paid for their work?
2) Download video from the internet, for free, against the explicit desire of the creators of the video to be paid for their work?
3) Download software from the internet, for free, against the explicit desire of the creators of the software to be paid for their work?

If any of the above are illegal activities then:
1) What do you suggest should happen to those who perform those actions?
2) What do you think should happen to those who knowingly facilitate the above. For example those who distribute the material, provide server space and bandwidth, tools, etc.?

Comment on: The Circus in my dream

Posted in moia on Jul 20, 2008... modified on Jul 20, 2008

 in response to Emil...   

I can relate to the feeling of the fleeting moment. It is so elusive and so beautiful at the same time. ;-)

quote Emil "Suddenly, we saw a woman... a performer... fully dressed up to go out on the scene... standing just outside the tent... one arm stretched up in the air. A man on his kneels was busy finishing up something on her costume (we presumed)."

It is beautiful experience, in a very strange and indescribable way, isn't it? :-}

This is Kaia with the balloon from yesterday night performance. ;-)

Best Regards.

The Circus in my dream

Posted in moia on Jul 20, 2008

In the middle of the Silicon Valley there is just about every type of entertainment that one can imagine, but going to a circus, a good old fashioned circus, is not something that springs to mind when thinking about computers and software.

From my childhood I remember the circus in Sofia ... it was a great, magical place of untold beauty and heroism, of laughter and agility, of darkness and sparkling lights. A place I only got to experience from the last row, all the way up there where the celling met the walls, and where the heat of the projectors dried the sweat off your back.  Then I saw it burn! The circus burned before my eyes and so did many of my dreams and fantasies.  But that was many ears ago and now, in San Jose, there is a Circus Vargas [http://www.circusvargas.org/ ] that came to visit ... I saw it from the highway and it looked just like the real thing that I remembered from my untarnished childhood memories.  The spirit of the circus is impossible to communicate, at least for me, so I decided to go to the circus with the family and let everyone experience it for themselves.  This time I got the best seats in the house, VIP center stage.

The show started, the lights went off and a deep voice greeted us all.  I and Kaia (my older daughter, 3.5 years) already had prepared -- we had Popcorn in a tub, cold pink drinks filled with unknown substance, a huge ballon on a stick, and a light-saber like the Jedi's ... and the dreams came back to me.  My daughter, Kaia, pulled out the light-saber and turned it on, it flashed with many different colors, and she said that she will save me with the "life saver", yep that is what she thought that was, something to save lives with and not just a mere "light-saber".  She was in owe by the circus performers and my ears began to hurt.  I couldn't tell her that my dreams were making me deaf since now she was having her own dreams.  Kaia was afraid and intrigued during the show. She laughed at (with) the clowns and hid her face in my shoulder when the acrobats were flying through the air.
Then two girls came out to dance ... they both danced on a single ring suspended 10 meters in the air without having any support and only with the flimsiest of protection on the ground.  I knew that those girls were working very hard to make it appear as effortless as possible, but this was not a "walk in park" performance and you could see it, not from the smiling faces of those two girls, but from their bodies where the muscles would tremble and the hands would adjust their grip with furious pace.  Here they were, in the air, spinning crazily almost out of control when I heard, next to me, the sound of a charging flash light -- bzzz-sss  click -- the sound the high-end cameras do.  So, next to us, in the adjacent VIP place there was a guy with a big camera getting ready to take a picture of the girls who were risking their lives above the ground.  I didn't have to think about *it*, but my hand grabbed the huge ballon on a stick and i shoved it between the camera and the girls ... right before the camera went off.  The man looked at me as if I had done something wrong and started charging the camera again .... but the ballon managed to get before his camera and the girls one more time ... he turned to me with an angry look and said "What the f* are you doing?" and I told him ".. the dreams want to stay here and be in peace! So, don't disturb!!" ... the guy looked at me as if I was from Mars.  Shortly thereafter one of the Circus workers came to the guy with the camera and reminded him that he is not allowed to take pictures during the performances.  The guy started fuming away, "I have my rights." ... "You can't tell me what I can do." he said  ... this scene continued for approximately 2 minutes .. when a sheriff showed up and took the disgruntled "thief" away.  Obviously, the guy was simply escorted out of the premises and nothing more ... but that was good enough for the rest of us to continue to enjoy the show.  I didn't feel, even for a second, that those two girls hanging on a string 10 meters above the ground were being unreasonable by asking people to not take pictures.

At the end of the show a big metal cage and two guys on bikes came on stage.  Kaia doesn't like bikes, because of the sound. But in this case she was absolutely horrified ... those guys were revving their engines 20 feet away from us.  The first one went in the metal-cage and drove in circles .. Kaia hid her head in my lap .. she was afraid.  Then the second guy went in the cage .. and Kaia started peeking over the edge of the chair, ever so slowly, but she wasn't afraid anymore.  Then the lights went out and the two guys in the cage started spinning around in the darkness ... and then Kaia pulled out her little light-saber, turned it on, and slowly pointed it to the metal cage, full of light and noise, and said "I will save you!".

I wonder what her memories are going to be from the first circus she has ever seen?!

Comment on: ЕП подкрепи репресивен интернет план

Posted in pencho22 on Jul 19, 2008... modified on Jul 19, 2008

 in response to pencho22...   

The Wild Wild West, a long time ago, had no rules.  People were free to go anywhere they wanted to, on their donkeys and their horses.  They had the freedom to enter other peoples property and houses and take whatever it is that they felt like.  Those who were deprived from their work and possessions weren't too happy so they fought back, tried to get stronger fences and bigger guns, but the freedom loving members of the WWW started forming groups and gangs and eventually overwhelmed all defenses of the rightful owners -- it was a great time for those who loved the freedom to deny others the right of ownership.  But then, one day, Sheriffs started showing up and they began putting people in jail, enforcing the law, as a consequence the judges were able to exercise the law and the freedom lovers were in trouble.

Anyway ... time went on and now we have police that helps enforcing the law, we have roads on which we drive, long gone are the days where you get to jump on your donkey and traverse any direction you desire, in addition we have to travel on those roads with certified vehicles and have insurance.  So many freedoms are gone, but it seems that we are better off without some of those WWW 'freedoms'.

Possible bug on tutmanik

Posted in About Tutmanik: Questions, Answers, Suggestions... on Mar 9, 2008

Possible bug:
It seems that there is something wrong with navigating discussions that involve multiple pages worth of replies.

Here is one such discussion

if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page there is an option "next ->", however it appears that this option is not functioning properly. So far I have gotten two behaviors after clicking on that link 1) the page refreshes and none of the 'next' set of posts is actually displayed and 2) the page updates to the next set of post but then when you click on "<- prev" link, at the bottom, you don't get the first set of posts.

In case my explanation is not clear enough, then please try going back and forth between the two pages worth of posts and see if you can detect a problem.  I'm using Firefox (latest version) while logged in to tutmanik and also Safari (with identical results) while both logged in and anonymous.


What is the running rate for debugging tutmanik? :-) (Cause I would rather eat it.)

Comment on: Mexico 2008

Posted in The Wizard on Mar 9, 2008

То бива, то може ... ама това вашето на нищо не прлича -- ти слабееш, тя хубвее, на Испанки пелтечите, ядене ядете от странни чинии, излежавате се на горе/на долу. еххх ... ужас. ;-)

Comment on: Bulgaria's Abandoned children

Posted in Bulgarian Society of Nevada on Mar 4, 2008... modified on Mar 5, 2008

 in response to pencho22...   

Quote "Не разбирам как толкова очевидни твърдения, които не съм ги измислил аз, а те просто се набиват в очи, предизвикват толкова отрицание.... Ако е от страст към спора - ок, но невярвам че не се забелязват набиващи се на очи неща. Когато имам повече ще време ще изложа по пространно схващанията си и идеите, но засега само с няколко изречения...."
Thank you for the thoughtful response.
I realize that some of the statements that you make seem "obvious" and "self evident" to you, but they don't appear that way to me.  
My comments were driven not from a "desire to argue" but rather from the desire for clarification, dialogue and also from simple disagreement with "people act the same regardless of their cultural and socioeconomic realities".  What I have observed is that people do act differently, and in fact even the same person might act in diametrically opposing ways when faced with the same situation, more than once.

Consider this: Someone is stopped by the police for speeding.  How many different reactions do you believe that people would exhibit?

Now, the above is a rather simple situation that has a very direct and recognizable Agent (police) and ramifications (ticket).  However, many situations in life are considerably more subtle and involve a much deeper and wider range of possible Agents and possible ramifications -- and there is no obvious single answer as to the course of action that people might take.  

Another observation is that very often the "things" that we assume to be correct based on intuition (and "obviousness") aren't true and can lead to logical fallacies. An exaggerated example:  Earth cannot be a sphere since it is obvious that if it was a sphere we would be falling off into space -- just build a sphere (5m in diameter) and try to walk on it -- see how obvious that is.  

This example is intended only to show the dangers of over-generalizng.  
Also when making a sweeping conjecture it is beneficial, for the sake of your audience, to supply at least some explanation to the arguments and examples that run contrary to your assertion.  

A smart man once said "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler." and in this sense suggesting that "all people act the same" is unnecessary simplification that hides the details and can lead to wrong conclusions.

Quote "Смятам че е очевадно че хората реагират подобно в подобни ситуации. "
Other than the cases when they don't.
From the above example, with the policeman:
Person A "Hello, Officer.  Yes, I was speeding and I'm sorry. Thank you for the ticket."
Person B "Officer, but all those other people were speeding too and some of them were going faster than me. So why are you giving me a ticket?  Do you dislike my race?"

These responses [from the drivers] are quite real and I bet happen every day, among many other possibilities.   

Quote "И се развиват по един същ начин независимо от мястото и средата в която се намират - има разлика в скоростта на развитието но не и в етапите. Справка: всеки учебник по история. Ако не беше така отделните народи и твърде отдалечените една отдруга популации щяха да са толкова различни че да не могат да намират общ език помежду си - да изпадат в културни конфликти. "
You are providing a very broad example that is subject to multiple criticisms, all at the same time, purely based on your conclusion.
Different nations (countries) have developed in a completely different and often incompatible ways throughout history.
The Greeks had a democracy, often referred to as Athenian Democracy, that had no counterpart in their time and has no counterparts today.  How come they built a democracy as they did? How come no one has built such a democracy since? How come we are attempting to imitate them, today? (They actually had a direct democracy and not the current incarnation of representative democracy.) Slavery was considered normal and the possession of people, as if they were tables or some such thing, is still a daily occurrence in the world.  Yet, in other places there is an accepted standard for "honor killings" -- you see, if a girl or a woman doesn't obey the will of her family she can be rightfully killed.  Yet, another societies condone and actually encourage the mutilation of women (castration).  Perhaps you believe that a muslim rule of Bulgaria would lead to the same exact place as the one where Bulgarians would go to. I doubt that ... and I doubt that you actually mean this.  But, when you say that human societies develop in the same way you implicitly suggest that it is irrelevant who is in control.  If this is the case then I think you are wrong.  History is not on your side of this argument, IMO.

Furthermore, the strong of the day are those who managed to influence the other nations.  You see, the "Indians" (native Americans) considered women to be equal to the men, but the Europeans at the time destroyed them -- nearly exterminated them.  I don't consider this to be any type of dialog and there was a conflict that ended to be quite one-sided.

Quote" Видно е ежедневно че такова нещо не се случва."
This is exactly what happens every day!  You are misinformed, I'm afraid.

Quote "Фактът, например, че българи емигрирали в САЩ се приспособяват идеално и то за твърде кратко време потвърждава това. Аналогично и за китайци, корейци, руснаци, че и албанци... И най-различни подобни примери."
This is simply not justifiable. I'm sorry.
Not all Bulgarians (or other) actually make it or integrate in this [USA] society.  I can give you a few examples, if you desire.  In addition, there are many who stay in the USA without actually liking nor enjoying the experience ... many people sacrifice their lives for the betterment of their families and their loved ones.
Your view of what it takes to integrate in the USA is very naive. Sorry!

And then there are those who live in a sort of a cocoon within the USA society ... yes, they are in the USA, physically, but they are never a part of it.  

Quote "Сложната система на човешкото общество всъщност по аналогичен начин на тази на което и да е биологично съобщество (макар че и човешкото общество е биологично) може действително да се сведе до няколко генерални параметъра които описват перфектно обществото. Справка: учебниците по биология за гимназията. Да не говорим за това че всъщност параметрите описващи всяко биологично общество могат да се приложат безпроблемно и към всяко човешко общество."
You are confusing the terms of "principles" [or rules] with behavior [or outcome].
All physical entities abide by the physical laws ... but that doesn't mean that you can describe the behavior of all physical entities.
You can't describe the behavior of a simple system that includes only three objects, where each object has a gravitational pull. 

The parameters describing any complex system are often not enough to describe the system.  Now, I imagine you will cringe when you read this ... but, consider reading or investigating: Mathematics - Godel,  Computing - Turing  Physics - Heisenberg  and logic.
In all of the cases above the rules are well known but the outcome is not!  You haven't shown any reason to believe that humans and human societies are less complicated than a Cellular Automata, for instance, and that are therefore a subject to generalizations.

I must stop responding at this point, since the rest of your message simply perpetuates the misconceptions and the inaccuracies presented thus far.

For the sake of the discussion it would be helpful if you can supply an example (and explanation) that shows that people always act the same (similar) way in the same conditions.


Comment on: Bulgaria's Abandoned children

Posted in Bulgarian Society of Nevada on Mar 1, 2008... modified on Mar 1, 2008

 in response to pencho22...   

Quote "Крайно време е да се разбере че хората са твърде еднакви в поведението си, в мислите си и в реакциите си и няма значение дали живеят отвъд, пред или над океана, дали са в социализъм, комунизъм или феодализъм и дали са бедни или богати."

Pencho, (I apologize that I write in English)

this is demonstrably not true.  People don't act the same or even in a similar way in many circumstances and across a wide range of socioeconomic, cultural and historic barriers.   Your 'conjecture' is unnecessarily generalizing without taking head in realizing that there are counter examples.

Complex systems, such as human societies, cannot be reduced to simple statements such as yours.  In a similar way biological systems, where you are an expert, cannot be reduced to a single criteria and a single impetus.  In fact, even simpler systems, such as fluids cannot be reduced to a singular statement that describes their general behavior in all situations.

Quote "Затова е безмислено да се оправдават действията на хората с това кой къде живее и кой го управлява. И докато всеки един човек не осъзнае факта, че носи отговорност за собствените си действия и зависи единствено и само от него дали ще направи простотия или не няма да се промени нищо в света към по-добро."

It is pointless to argue about the validity of someone else decisions unless you are in their shoes.  Even if you have a universal criteria by which to evaluate people's behavior you are still forced to consider the local "frame of reference", since the persons under observation might not be aware of your criteria.  (I doubt that you actually have a "universal criteria that leads the world to something better " to start with.  Do you have a definition of the thing that will move the world towards a better future?)

quote "Защото парадокса е че колкото повече обществото изземва функциите на индивида толкова по-бързо се приближава към собствения си край."

Responsibility is directly related to the society and the culture that one lives in. Some consider blowing themselves up and killing children in the process to be a 'noble' act.

I agree with you on purely philosophical principles, that every person must be accountable for his/her own actions.  But, I have no clear evidence that this is true nor do I have a singular criteria by which to determine the 'rightfulness' of someone's decisions.

quote "Затова и т.нар. развити общества са първите които поставят началото на края на тази цивилизация. Дано да греша, но смятам че това начало е вече поставено."

Here I disagree with you.  Developed societies only outline the limits of those who trail behind.  Unfortunately, Great Britain is not an advanced society and there is plentiful of evidence that they are and have been for quite some time a society in denial.
Just consider this: USA (250 years old), Russia (recently out of feudalism), China, Japan, India (recent colony of England) have all made it to the outer space, while at the same time England is concerned about their next King.  Great Britain is an example of society that is in steady decline that is managing to survive in the changing world, without actually being a part of it. (Obviously this a singular example, but is intended as a counter to the implied assertion that Britain represents a modern/advanced society -- instead it is a hodgepodge that cannot be easily analyzed.)

Best Regards.

Comment on: The Wizard

Posted in The Wizard on Mar 1, 2008

 in response to batzoBaco...   

[quote] " ... predi tova be mama du eba! Moje li svaDba s "D" da kopirash. Haitov shte se oburne v groba, ..." [/quote]

Yep ... he is already turning. :-)



BTW, what is the deal with quoting? (manual labor thus far)

GUI economy -- possible cleanup for tutmanik GUI.

Posted in About Tutmanik: Questions, Answers, Suggestions... on Oct 8, 2007... modified on Oct 8, 2007

IMO, the Default (standard) view of the "Inbox" can be cleaned up a bit, whereby GUI space can be saved and redundant (possibly confusing) options and information avoided.

Essentially, two text lines can be preserved for every message displayed in the "Inbox".

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